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The Benefit of Blockchain

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Foundation Overview

The Assetbase foundation’s sole purpose is to educate and provide tools that will help people and businesses prosper in a new and exciting world of the blockchain. Assetbase foundation is based in the county Seychelles. AssetBase is a not for profit foundation and is guided by a virtual council and a real council (all council members must be Prime token holders). There is no limit to how many real or virtual council members there are.  Join Assetbase today and make a difference with your ideas and ideals.

Assetbase helps individuals and businesses find their niche on the Blockchain. From banking to finance Assetbase is working through its team members and volunteers to provide the tools to succeed in the new Blockchain economy.

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Areas We Serve in

Assetbase provides a variety of services using the latest Blockchain technologies.

Secure Real Assets

Secure real world assets for the propose to enable people to tokenize their assets to the Blockchain

Peer to peer Exchange

Exchange your asset backed tokens on the exchange.

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending allows people to lend to projects and to invest in a secure and transparent way.

Financial Services

Assetbase is helping to connect people and businesses with capital to people and business needing capital.



Precious Metal Tokens

Stabilize your portfolio in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium tokens 100% redeemable.


Assetbase incentivized peer to peer education is helping people understand how the Blockchain can benefit them.

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