About The Benefits of the Prime Token

  • Monthly Pay outs for Prime Token Holders participation and ideals.
  • 100% of all micro fees generated by Assetbase is automatically sent out to qualified virtual council token holders, in amounts based on each holder’s share of the total amount of Prime tokens.
  • Virtual council Member- to be a virtual council member you must have 10,000 or more Prime Tokens in one wallet and opt in to be on the virtual council.
  • As a qualified virtual council member, you will receive a portion of Assetbase’s micro fees as rewards.
  • Assetbase collects a .0017 micro fee on all its precious metal and private asset token transfers.
  • As a Prime Token holder, you will be able to vote on all proposals made by the virtual council.
  • As a virtual council member, you will unlock rewards, be able to make proposals to guide the foundation and be able to vote. As a virtual council member, you may also qualify to get voted on the real council.
  • You need Prime Tokens to acquire precious metal tokens directly from Assetbase.io. See discount levels.

The Heart of the Ecosystem


Monthly Pay outs

Get gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium tokens as a Pay out.* see qualifications

Independent Staff

Highly skilled, experienced developers deliver platforms to a variety of businesses and organizations

Clients Satisfaction

Clients satisfaction is our top priority. We help every one of our clients to achieve success in their goals

P2P Education Incentives

The Assetbase Prime tokens provide incentive rewards for P2P education.

Innovation Solutions

Assetbase foundation  prime token is the driver for all functions and rewards on all Assetbase platforms.

Planning & Strategy

We developed action plans and strategies that are realistic and designed to achieve core results.