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AssetBase Foundation Structure


Structure and Risk


As a foundation, AssetBase is an ideal mechanism for holding digitized physical assets.The Foundation is designed to hold assets securely and be guided as autonomously as possible.The founding team behind AssetBase holds no legal authority or financial interest in the Foundation.However,the Foundation it self is monitored by a real council, which is comprised of three or more attorneys or laypersons that oversee the legality of the Foundation’s operations. Relevant by-laws dictate that the council has responsibility to review all actions and endeavors of AssetBase from unethical and legal stand point. The by-laws also dictate that the council bears responsibility to protect all assets of Asset token holders inperpetuity, until the tokens and precious metals are redeemed by their holder


What Makes the AssetBase Foundation Different From Others


The Foundation is considered to function as an individual legal entity, and cannot be owned or governed by a sole managing presence.The Foundation is granted permission, by pertinent governing laws, to hold assets in almost any jurisdiction of the world. AssetBase functions as any ordinary foundation, accepting donations and distributing gifts.The some of the Foundation’s gifts are linked to the tokenized receipts connected to assets and are redeemable without an expiration




The AssetBase Foundation aims to stabilize and add utility to the crypto currency space by providing a use case for adding physical assets to the blockchain. Our community-guided Foundation opens up doors for assets to be digitized for crypto currency trade applications. We believe, AssetBase is perhaps the only viable route through which physical assets can be linked to the blockchain.

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