The Virtual Council


Guidance Board


The foundation’s guidance board is made up of Primary Supporters that hold Prime Donor Tokens (PDT) as virtual council members. The council will vote on details pertaining to the AssetBase foundation activities.


Virtual Council Seat


In order to receive a seat on the virtual council or be voted on to the real council, possession of 10,000 Prime Donor Tokens are required.

The real council has no limit to the size of the council and can contain many members.

You must be a holder of 10,000 tokens to be voted on the real council, a form will be provided for you to list your credentials and other information and a proposal will be made to have a vote with the virtual council.



Amount of Council Members


We believe in safety in numbers and would like to see many of the PDT holder members be on the real council. The real council will vote on suppliers, vaults, metals to acquire, firing/hiring and which assets to support.


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