AssetBase Peer to Peer Loans (beta)



AssetBase takes due diligence and monitoring very seriously as part of our responsibility to lenders and borrowers. We provide to all lenders a risk-reward ratio to help investors know exactly what they are investing in.  AssetBase will have experts with experience in the given field evaluating that specific investment.

All investments will be under the control AssetBase thus providing the minimal risk for the investor. Lending on AssetBase is made very simple and your returns will be in one of our secure precious metal cryptocurrencies

If your looking to get a loan through AssetBase, explain your project/investment and AssetBase will assess it, tokenize it and then post your project or loan. AssetBase will be able to help facilitate peer to peer loans on automobiles, houses, property’s, land, antiques, businesses and more.

Peer to Peer will use Assetbase stable precious metal redeemable crypto coins

The Journey of an Assetbase loan

Step One

The Borrower applies for a loan

Step Two

The loan goes through the underwriting and approval process. The profit and risk ratio will also be assessed

Step Three

AssetBase tokenizes borrowers project, collateral or item to the blockchain.

Step Four

Loan disbursal period.

The loan is posted to AssetBase for lenders to support.

Fundraising period:

Lenders crowdfund the loan in increments of $30 or more.

Step Five

Borrower repays the loan with profit, using the AssetBase precious metal redeemable tokens. This eliminate the problem cause by third world currency fluctuations.