Start With Confidence

Assetbase Business Learning Courses and Business Guide gets new Business Owners the training and education they need to succeed!

Earn Money and Rewards

Sell products and build your business, and enjoy the freedom of owning your own business at home.

You can earn by

  • Selling products.
  • Recruit and build your business.
  • Become an Virtual Council Member to help lead the Foundation and collect the benefits and rewards.

Affordable Business

To start a business on your own will cost an minimum of $50,000. With Assetbase you can start your business with just $35 that include tools, courses, and products to help you start your business at home.

Product Quality Assurance

Assetbase products are built with the latest blockchain technology that provide fast secure transactions.

We do our best to provide our members with the latest and greatest solutions, services and products to give them a more enjoyable life.

The Car

Earning an $800 a month for your new car is one of the ways to reward your self and show your online business success. See kits for qualifications.

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The Fast Start Kit Contains:

  • 10% discount on precious metal tokens
  • Online Education Courses.
  • Business Guide that contains details for your business and products.