Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Before using this website, Assetbase.io, please read these terms and conditions carefully. The terms and conditions herein governs acquisition of cryptographical digital currencies and by accessing and carrying out order(s) or other related activities on this website, you accept these terms and conditions; do not use this site if you do not agree to these terms and conditions. Assetbase.io offers this website, including all information, tools and services available from this site to you; the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms and conditions stated herein.

We may modify this terms and conditions from time to time; it should be reviewed by you regularly to ascertain the terms of and comply with all local law or regulation to which they are subject to. Your usage of our website will be taken as an acceptance of the terms and conditions present at that point.

License to Website Usage

Unless otherwise stated, users of Assetbase.io acknowledges and accepts that AssetBase own the intellectual property right in the website and the material in the website. AssetBase reserves the right as the authorised owner of all trademarks, precious metals, crypto coins, design, service marks, database rights, and all other intellectual property appearing on or contained in this website, unless stated otherwise by AssetBase.

Users of Assetbase.io agrees to use this website only for the sole purpose for which it is set up, the website must not be used for any fraudulent act or any other unlawful activity or act or otherwise that will damage the reputation of the site and/or disrupt the site activity.

Any illegal use of the website with the purpose of defrauding, circumventing bans or limits, theft, abusing or soliciting any of our service will be taken and considered as a ‘misuse’ and may result in the immediate termination of any registered account with us which may include seizure of all the individual’s on-site digital property.

Users of Assetbase.io may reproduce copy and distribute the content of this website provided its usage is intended for informational, non-commercial purpose.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and ensure protection from any unauthorised access to your account.

Choice of Law

The content herein this terms and condition, its interpretation, and its application shall exclusively be governed by the laws of the country of Seychelles. Users agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the country of Seychelles and the federal courts on legal proceeding on any dispute arising under this agreement.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Users of Assetbase.io acknowledges that under no circumstances shall AssetBase foundation be bound by any legal agreement between the user and AssetBase foundation as no content or section on the website represents a legal agreement between the user and AssetBase foundation. I.e. AssetBase foundation may not take responsibility for the entire content in this website.

To the maximum extent permitted by the law of Seychelles, unless otherwise specified, terms and words that denote purchase, pay for, among others all refer to a 100% voluntary donation to the foundation.

Users of this website also acknowledges that any word such as token, coin, crypto currency among others of similar terms and usage, all refers to receipts or vouchers for gifts the foundation gives back to a donor for donation.

Assetbase.io does not warrant that our website and the services provided will meet your requirements, will always be available, will operate free and devoid of any error, that the noticed errors or defects will be corrected as expected, will be secure or uninterrupted at any given time or location.

Also, users should also note that the website is developed without a warranty of any kind implies or provides the warranty of fitness for a particular or any purpose as initiated by the user.

Understanding Risk

Users and/or donors of AssetBase.io understand the assumption of some certain risk such as understanding of Token purposes and revockable Network user licence, no guarantee of monetary value. In accepting to purchase the pre-order purchase, users affirms that he/she has adequate knowledge and experience in digital currencies and cryptographic tokens to evaluate the risk and merits of Token.


Legal protection of AssetBase members and user privacy in accordance with the law of Seychelles and with the network participant and industry standard is a top priority for AssetBase foundation. Users of Assetbase.io and donors to AssetBase foundation Asset Base foundation may be subject to certain rules and regulations that requires legal compliance and/preservation of users/or donors information.


Users and/or donors agree to and will indemnify AssetBase foundation, AssetBase.io, its officers and affiliated entity from and against any claim, cost, losses, liabilities, damages and expenses of every kind and any kind relating to, incurred through or arising in connection with any complaint claim, investigation or inquiry initiated by a person(s) that is related to or arises from;

  1. your improper and wrongful use of the service terms agreed between you and AssetBase foundation through the site Assetbase.io

  2. your actual or alleged breaches of your legal warranties and obligation as set forth in the terms and conditions

  3. a third party access usage

Third Parties

AssetBase foundation may use a reputable third party business for adverting and redemption of token vouchers as legally required but in the event that a user uses such party, you agree that you are solely responsible for understanding, make a review of the terms and conditions and complying with them.

Change to our Policy

Users of this website are advised to, review the most current versions of our terms and condition at anytime at this particular page. Assetbase.io reserves the absolute right and at its discretion to make an update, change or modification to the terms and conditions and the continued usage of the site by you affirms that you accept the terms and conditions as duly stated.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement including the disclaimer referenced herein, represent the entire understanding between AssetBase foundation and you with respect to the matters considered and discussed.